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The Citizens’ Choice app uses today’s technologies, machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data, to transform the political process and return our government to one that truly is “of the people, by the people and for the people.”

Citizens' Choice makes your votes matter moment by moment and issue by issue; here’s how.

Use Technology to Upgrade 21st Century Politics

The app leverages technology to evolve democracy, so policy making is transparent, giving citizens new found power to control their destiny.

Communicate Your Evolved Choices on Issues

The app tells your representative what you support or oppose, based on your current thinking, as decisions are made in your name.

Keep Score on Your Representatives

The app provides a scorecard to show just how “representative” your elected representatives really are!

Drive Policy Power Instead of Giving in to Popular Hype

The app enables you to vote how you want on EACH issue and eliminate the “one size fits all” aspect of candidate selection.

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Revenue Model - 2 Minutes

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Secret Ballot - 1 Minute


Escape the Straight Jacket of Partisan Thinking

The app lets you vote on every issue and break out of partisan brain washing

Conquer Special Interest Money

The app empowers the choices of citizens and eclipses special interest money

Neutralize Biased Media

The app exposes the real decisions being made in your name, bypassing the media’s current “hot topic”


Citizens’ Choice will never seek to advance any party, any candidate, any legislation, or accept money for those purposes. Citizens’ Choice is exclusively committed to promoting the evolution of democracy.

Secret ballot

Citizens’ Choice will never collect or use information that reveals your identity. Citizens’ Choice is committed to aggregating your choices to transfer power to citizens and away from power and money elites.


Citizens’ Choice will never hide its financial or operational information from you. Citizens’ Choice is committed to your knowledge and understanding of our business practices.


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Citizens' Choice seeks to revolutionize democracy by placing power back into the hands of the people.

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